Witch Doctor

Witch Doctor

The Witch Doctor turns the tide of battle, launching casks of paralyzing powder, healing his allies, cursing enemies with an ancient voodoo spell and summoning death wards.

Witch Doctor items (38)

item / item setherorarityslotoff / wisrankkeysprice
Horn Masknon-set itemWitch Doctoruncommonhead3531~
Ol' Snaggletoothnon-set itemWitch Doctoruncommonhead2521~
Grandfather's Ribsnon-set itemWitch Doctoruncommonback3841~
Rattlebitenon-set itemWitch Doctorrareshoulders43141~
Taunt: Celebration of Deathnon-set itemWitch Doctorraretaunt72901~
Belt o' Wicked BadnessWicked Bad VoodooWitch Doctorcommonbelt24432~
Spiral Staffnon-set itemWitch Doctorcommonweapon5001~
Vile Carnival Hatnon-set itemWitch Doctoruncommonhead3371~
Dreaded Dreadsnon-set itemWitch Doctorcommonhead5741~
Juju o' Wicked BadnessWicked Bad VoodooWitch Doctorcommonback22722~
Staff o' Wicked BadnessWicked Bad VoodooWitch Doctorcommonweapon21732~
Mask o' Wicked BadnessWicked Bad VoodooWitch Doctorcommonhead20011~
Shrunken Head Staffnon-set itemWitch Doctorcommonweapon5921~
Wooden Fetish Masknon-set itemWitch Doctorcommonhead6511~
Tribal Totem Masknon-set itemWitch Doctorrarehead3541~
Demon Skull Staffnon-set itemWitch Doctorcommonweapon4711~
Staff of the Old Doctornon-set itemWitch Doctoruncommonweapon5821~
Sacral ApparelThe Traveling Tale-TellerWitch Doctoruncommonbelt6501~
Drum of TalesThe Traveling Tale-TellerWitch Doctoruncommonback7811~
Mantle of MysteriesThe Traveling Tale-TellerWitch Doctoruncommonshoulders7211~
Veil of FablesThe Traveling Tale-TellerWitch Doctorrarehead8501~
Egg of the StormcrowThe Stormcrow's SpiritWitch Doctoruncommonshoulders106301~
Beak of the StormcrowThe Stormcrow's SpiritWitch Doctorrarehead97301~
Cloak of the StormcrowThe Stormcrow's SpiritWitch Doctoruncommonback109311~
Tail of the StormcrowThe Stormcrow's SpiritWitch Doctoruncommonbelt95251~
Sigil of the StormcrowThe Stormcrow's SpiritWitch Doctorrareweapon88281~
Tribal Megadon Masknon-set itemWitch Doctorrarehead3651~
Witch Staffnon-set itemWitch Doctorrareweapon16211~
Spider Shoulders of Purple NightmareSpider of Purple NightmareWitch Doctorrareshoulders6141~
Spider Drapes of Purple NightmareSpider of Purple NightmareWitch Doctorcommonback8101~
Spider Helm of Purple NightmareSpider of Purple NightmareWitch Doctoruncommonhead781~
Spider Belt of Purple NightmareSpider of Purple NightmareWitch Doctorcommonbelt881~
Spider Staff of Purple NightmareSpider of Purple NightmareWitch Doctoruncommonweapon981~
Expired Treasure of the Ancestor Spiritsnon-set itemWitch Doctorcommoncrate001~
Wicked Bad Voodoo Setnon-set itemWitch Doctorrarebundle521~
Traveling Tale-Teller's Setnon-set itemWitch Doctoruncommonbundle1541~2.49$
The Stormcrow's Spirit Setnon-set itemWitch Doctorrarebundle8171~3.99$
Spider of Purple Nightmarenon-set itemWitch Doctorrarebundle0141~

Witch Doctor item sets (4)

Witch Doctor

A wiry silhouette hitches forward--uneven of feature and limb, bizarre of gait, relentlessly criss-crossing the battlefield in search of that vital weak point where his talents can do most good, and most harm. Whether broken or mismade it is not clear, but still, none can doubt the power carried in his twisted physique. A long staff thumps the earth as Zharvakko the Witch Doctor advances, deploying a terrifying arsenal of fetishes, hexes and spells. It is a body of magical knowledge learned and perfected over several lifetimes in the island highlands of Arktura, now wielded with precision accuracy against his enemies. Zharvakko can be your best friend or your worst enemy--healing allies and laying waste to all who oppose him.


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