Ursa is a powerful beast that deals more damage the more he attacks and can fly into a Overpowering Enraged frenzy, letting him take on even the mighty .

Ursa items (39)

item / item setherorarityslotoff / wisrankkeysprice
Lucky Alpine Stalker's HatThe Alpine StalkerUrsaimmortalhead623298~
Alpine Stalker's ScarfThe Alpine StalkerUrsaimmortalback821097~
Alpine Stalker's PantsThe Alpine StalkerUrsaimmortalbelt820397~
Alpine Stalker's GlovesThe Alpine StalkerUrsaimmortalarms720297~
Iron Bear's BeltThe Iron BearUrsacommonbelt455236~
Iron Bear's PlatesThe Iron BearUrsacommonback470266~
Iron Bear's CutterThe Iron BearUrsacommonarms436297~
Iron Bear's SkullcapThe Iron BearUrsacommonhead491398~
Spiked Bracers of the RavagerThe Ursine RavagerUrsacommonarms46062~
Sash of the RavagerThe Ursine RavagerUrsacommonbelt40993~
Skull of the RavagerThe Ursine RavagerUrsauncommonhead329114~
Quills of the RavagerThe Ursine RavagerUrsacommonback50072~
Helm of a Savage AgeThe Savage AgeUrsauncommonhead352124~
Armor of a Savage AgeThe Savage AgeUrsacommonback469123~
Bracer of a Savage AgeThe Savage AgeUrsacommonarms47193~
Belt of a Savage AgeThe Savage AgeUrsacommonbelt44672~
Helmet of the Cryogenic EmbraceCryogenic EmbraceUrsararehead1 553212~
Roshan Hunter Armsnon-set itemUrsacommonarms1 719172~
Roshan Hunter Backnon-set itemUrsarareback947374~
Roshan Hunter Beltnon-set itemUrsacommonbelt1 736242~
Roshan Hunter Headnon-set itemUrsauncommonhead982324~
Redwood Clawsnon-set itemUrsarareweapon4720882~
Arms of the Cryogenic EmbraceCryogenic EmbraceUrsacommonarms2 094222~
Back of the Cryogenic EmbraceCryogenic EmbraceUrsauncommonback1 230363~
Belt of the Cryogenic EmbraceCryogenic EmbraceUrsacommonbelt1 956181~
Belt of the Radiant ProtectorRadiant ProtectorUrsacommonbelt2 216191~
Wraps of the Radiant ProtectorRadiant ProtectorUrsauncommonarms1 477202~
Mark of the Radiant ProtectorRadiant ProtectorUrsauncommonback1 468222~
Braids of the Radiant ProtectorRadiant ProtectorUrsararehead1 725141~
Swift Clawnon-set itemUrsaimmortalarms27437158~
Expired Treasure of the Wild Clawnon-set itemUrsacommoncrate231~
The Iron Bear's Setnon-set itemUrsauncommonbundle041~
The Ursine Ravager Setnon-set itemUrsararebundle421~3.99$
The Savage Age Setnon-set itemUrsauncommonbundle001~2.49$
The Alpine Stalker's Setnon-set itemUrsauncommonbundle1201~
Ursa's Primal Packnon-set itemUrsararebundle031~
Roshan Hunter & G-League Bundlenon-set itemUrsararebundle031~9.99$
Cryogenic Embrace Setnon-set itemUrsauncommonbundle421~2.49$
Radiant Protector Setnon-set itemUrsararebundle621~3.99$

Ursa item sets (6)


Ulfsaar the Warrior is the fiercest member of an ursine tribe, protective of his land and his people. During the long winters, while the mothers sleep and nurse their cubs, the males patrol the lands above as tireless, vigilant defenders of their ancient ways. Hearing dim but growing rumors of a spreading evil, Ulfsaar headed out beyond the boundaries of his wild wooded homeland, intending to track down and destroy the threat at its source, before it could endanger his people. He is a proud creature with a bright strong spirit, utterly trustworthy, a staunch ally and defender.


H common and Uncommon
W rr
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3 days ago

(H) redwood claw full ursa mode+swift claw+HEROIC radiant protector set whit top tags
(W) 10 key's

5 days ago

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【Want】10 Common or 10 Uncommon ( Any )
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H Roshan Hunter set
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24 days ago

H Roshan Hunter set
W 5rr

26 days ago

H Alpine Stalker"s Pants clean
W 90k

27 days ago

for Swift claw i give you Deepweed drowner set + 5 rr

1 month ago

[H] 1rr
[W] 10common or 7uncommon
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1 month ago

have cryogenic embrace
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1 month ago

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[H]Roshan Hunter set

1 month ago

[H]Roshan Hunter set
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1 month ago

[h] Savage Age set
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1 month ago

【Have】Bestowments of the Divine Anchor set full gemed + Loading screen
【Want】2 Keys 30 random rare
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1 month ago
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