item / item setherorarityslotoff / wisrankkeysprice
The 6th e-Sports World Championship Baku 2014non-set itemcommonticket001~3.99$
Battle of Central Europe Season 3 Ticketnon-set itemcommonticket001~
Dota2.Net Cup #1non-set itemcommonticket001~
CZ-SK Dota 2 League Season 3non-set itemcommonticket001~0.99$
Stellar: University of the Philippines Engineering Cup 2014non-set itemcommonticket001~
Trash Tier Inhouse Leaguenon-set itemcommonticket001~
The Battle Fury 2014non-set itemcommonticket001~0.99$
Battle of America #2 Ticketnon-set itemcommonticket001~
MPGL Gigabyte 2014 Finalsnon-set itemcommonticket001~2.99$
Wars of Fortune Season 2non-set itemcommonticket001~0.99$
Electro DCL Season 2non-set itemcommonticket001~0.99$
Persia Grand Leaguenon-set itemcommonticket001~
KDL Season 4 - Tier 3non-set itemcommonticket001~
MOL Dota 2 Tournamentnon-set itemcommonticket001~0.99$
Dota 2 Gonzaga Festivalnon-set itemcommonticket001~0.99$
GG League Season 2 Ticketnon-set itemcommonticket001~
SDL 2014 Season 4non-set itemcommonticket001~0.99$
Electro Dota 2 League - Season 2non-set itemcommonticket001~0.99$
Exp Dota Cup Season 2non-set itemcommonticket001~0.99$
Exp Solo Cup Season 2non-set itemcommonticket001~0.99$
GCDL Season 8non-set itemcommonticket001~
deafESL League Season 3non-set itemcommonticket001~0.99$
Dota2Feed 1v1 Solo Mid Cupnon-set itemcommonticket001~0.99$
Dota2FP Atlanticnon-set itemcommonticket001~0.99$
CSPL.RU Dota 2 League Season 2non-set itemcommonticket001~
Deadly Gaming Cup Season 1non-set itemcommonticket001~0.99$
D2LPR Season 2non-set itemcommonticket001~0.99$
Silver Dota League 2non-set itemcommonticket001~0.99$
Dota Regions: Season 2 Ticketnon-set itemcommonticket001~
Uprise Champions Cup Season 1non-set itemcommonticket001~0.99$
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