The Alpine Stalker

The Alpine Stalker item set
Includes all of the items in the 'The Alpine Stalker' set for Ursa

item set (4)

item / item setherorarityslotoff / wisrankkeysprice
Lucky Alpine Stalker's HatThe Alpine StalkerUrsaimmortalhead1461~
Alpine Stalker's ScarfThe Alpine StalkerUrsaimmortalback4461~
Alpine Stalker's PantsThe Alpine StalkerUrsaimmortalbelt3451~
Alpine Stalker's GlovesThe Alpine StalkerUrsaimmortalarms5441~


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1 month ago

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1 month ago

Array of Tranquility = 50rr
Dragonterror = 40rr
Flight of the Valkyrie = 20rr
Incantations of Hell = 20rr
The Bonehunter = 20rr
Flames of Prosperity = 18rr
Gifts of the Shadowcat = 10rr
Emerald Frenzy = 10rr
Flight of the Crescent Moon = 10rr
Starlight = 10rr
Golden Reel Guardian = 9rr
Strength of the Demon Stone = 8rr
The Clergy Ascetic = 8rr
Redmoon Assassinator's Secret = 7rr
Implements of the Tahlin Watch = 5rr
The Thorns of Sundering = 5rr
Aspects of Summer = 5rr
The Custom of Karroch = 5rr
Master Weaver = 4rr
Nether Grandmaster's Robes = 4rr
Outcast of the Deep = 4rr
Radiant Crystal Bindings = 4rr
Fashion of the Scorching Princess = 4rr
[W] 3 key

1 month ago
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