Storm Spirit

Storm Spirit

Storm Spirit blows his foes away with explosive decoys and pulls them into an electrical vortex, then ricochets past enemies at lightning speed.

Storm Spirit items (12)

item / item setherorarityslotoff / wisrankkeysprice
Ring of the Stormnon-set itemStorm Spiritrarehead7311~
Festive Robes of Good FortuneGifts of FortuneStorm Spiritmythicalarmor62251~
Ornate Hat of Good FortuneGifts of FortuneStorm Spiritrarehead23822~
Scale Pauldrons of Good FortuneGifts of FortuneStorm Spiritcommonarms14051~
Heavenly General ArmorZSMJ's Heavenly GeneralStorm Spiritrarearmor3651~
Heavenly General HatZSMJ's Heavenly GeneralStorm Spiritcommonhead3531~
Heavenly General ShouldersZSMJ's Heavenly GeneralStorm Spiritcommonarms37101~
The Lightning Orchidnon-set itemStorm Spiritimmortalhead1764320~
Thunder Rogue's Braidnon-set itemStorm Spiritrarehead2611~
Genuine Thunder Rogue's Braidnon-set itemStorm Spiritrarehead011~
Gifts of Fortune Setnon-set itemStorm Spiritmythicalbundle341~7.99$
Heavenly Generalnon-set itemStorm Spiritrarebundle1921~

Storm Spirit item sets (2)

Storm Spirit

Storm Spirit is literally a force of nature--the wild power of wind and weather, bottled in human form. And a boisterous, jovial, irrepressible form it is! As jolly as a favorite uncle, he injects every scene with crackling energy. But it was not always thus, and there was tragedy in his creation. Generations ago, in the plains beyond the Wailing Mountains, a good people lay starving in drought and famine. A simple elementalist, Thunderkeg by name, used a forbidden spell to summon the spirit of the storm, asking for rain. Enraged at this mortal's presumption, the Storm Celestial known as Raijin lay waste to the land, scouring it bare with winds and flood. Thunderkeg was no match for the Celestial--at least until he cast a suicidal spell that forged their fates into one: he captured the Celestial in the cage of his own body. Trapped together, Thunderkeg's boundless good humor fused with Raijin's crazed energy, creating the jovial Raijin Thunderkeg, a Celestial who walks the world in physical form.


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