Slark is a sneaky assassin that can tie you down, steal your attributes, and kill you before you even realize he's there. He's also able to remove any debuffs on himself and conceal himself in the shadows to become even more elusive.

Slark items (34)

item / item setherorarityslotoff / wisrankkeysprice
Shell Slicernon-set itemSlarkrareweapon211~
Encorenon-set itemSlarkrareweapon611~
Silent Rippernon-set itemSlarkmythicalweapon421~
Fishy Frillhawknon-set itemSlarkrarehead311~
Wavecutternon-set itemSlarkrareback421~
Deep Warden's Prized ScimitarDeep Warden's HaulSlarkrareweapon611~
Deep Warden's Conch PauldronDeep Warden's HaulSlarkuncommonshoulders411~
Deep Warden's Tooth BracerDeep Warden's HaulSlarkuncommonarms311~
Deep Warden's Darkray CapeDeep Warden's HaulSlarkcommonback411~
Deep Warden's Seized HoodDeep Warden's HaulSlarkcommonhead411~
Ancient Imbued Spinal Bladenon-set itemSlarkcommonweapon411~
Slicer of the Depthsnon-set itemSlarkrareweapon111~
Tidal Bladenon-set itemSlarkrareweapon011~
Spanky the Daggerfishnon-set itemSlarkrareweapon011~
Carapace of the Ocean ConquerorOcean ConquererSlarkcommonback311~
Pauldron of the Ocean ConquerorOcean ConquererSlarkrareshoulders311~
Crown of the Ocean ConquerorOcean ConquererSlarkuncommonhead301~
Gauntlet of the Ocean ConquerorOcean ConquererSlarkcommonarms301~
Tusk of the Ocean ConquerorOcean ConquererSlarkuncommonweapon301~
Hook of the ScoundrelDeep Sea ScoundrelSlarkuncommonarms101~
Tattered Cloak of the ScoundrelDeep Sea ScoundrelSlarkcommonback201~
Descaler of the ScoundrelDeep Sea ScoundrelSlarkrareweapon301~
Jaw of the ScoundrelDeep Sea ScoundrelSlarkuncommonshoulders301~
Mask of the ScoundrelDeep Sea ScoundrelSlarkcommonhead311~
Hookblade of Skadinon-set itemSlarkrareweapon011~
Prison BucklerDark Reef EscapeSlarkcommonarms401~
Shark Fin CapeDark Reef EscapeSlarkuncommonback501~
Shark CowlDark Reef EscapeSlarkrarehead401~
Bound Shark FlippersDark Reef EscapeSlarkcommonshoulders401~
Prison ShankDark Reef EscapeSlarkuncommonweapon501~
Deep Warden Haul Setnon-set itemSlarkrarebundle301~3.99$
Ocean Conquerornon-set itemSlarkrarebundle001~
Deep Sea Scoundrelnon-set itemSlarkrarebundle001~
Dark Reef Escapenon-set itemSlarkrarebundle011~

Slark item sets (4)


Little known to the inhabitants of the dry world, Dark Reef is a sunken prison where the worst of the sea-bred are sent for crimes against their fellows. It is a razor barbed warren full of murderous slithereen, treacherous Deep Ones, sociopathic meranths. In this dim labyrinth, patrolled by eels and guarded by enormous anemones, only the vicious survive. Pitched into Dark Reef for crimes unknown, Slark spent half a lifetime without kin or kindness, trusting no one, surviving through a combination of stealth and ruthlessness, keeping his thoughts and his plans to himself. When the infamous Dark Reef Dozen plotted their ill-fated breakout, they kept their plans a perfect secret, murdering anyone who could have put the pieces together--but somehow Slark discovered their scheme and made a place for himself in it. Ten of the Dozen died in the escape attempt, and two were captured, hauled back to Dark Reef, then executed for the entertainment of their fellow inmates. But Slark, the unsung thirteenth, used the commotion as cover and slipped away, never to be caught. Now a furtive resident of the carnivorous mangrove scrub that grips the southern reach of Shadeshore, Slark remains the only successful escapee from Dark Reef.



(H) gift Punch Club
(W) hydrakan latch

1 month ago

(H) Kindred of the Umizar Crawler
(W) good offer

2 months ago

I've the new Slark : kindred of umizar crawler.. tradeable on 13th october.. want an immortal for trade

3 months ago

Have anti-mage 2 immortal + magnus imorta
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4 months ago

(H) corrupted golden hydrakan
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4 months ago

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7 months ago

H ti16 Mythical Set Stormwrought Arbiter, The Family Values Bundle, Fractured Envoy, Iceburnt Elegy
w ti16 Mythical Set Undying and the rest..
you give the first..

7 months ago

[H] Almond (Red style)
[W] Item 4$

7 months ago


9 months ago

H Ogre Magi Ancestral Luck Windranger Style of the Groove
W Slark Dark Reef Escape

10 months ago

i want slark items please add me thanks

11 months ago

have shivshell crawler set
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1 year ago

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1 year ago

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[W] Shivshell Crawler (Slark Set)
[H] Rare

1 year ago

have Genuine Weather Sirocco
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1 year ago

[W] Shivshell Crawler (Slark Set)
[H] Rares

1 year ago

Have Golden Bashers or Slark Golden Skadi Full Mod
Want Pa Arcana

1 year ago
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