The cunning Rubick, son of Aghanim and master of powerful and debilitating magics, is capable of thieving the abilities of his foes to use against them.

Rubick items (41)

item / item setherorarityslotoff / wisrankkeysprice
Councilor's StaffCouncilor's RaimentRubickuncommonweapon901~
Councilor's ShawlCouncilor's RaimentRubickuncommonshoulders1301~
Councilor's RobeCouncilor's RaimentRubickuncommonback901~
Councilor's MaskCouncilor's RaimentRubickrarehead901~
Cloak of Inscrutable ZealInscrutable ZealRubickuncommonback1601~
Mask of Inscrutable ZealInscrutable ZealRubickuncommonhead1201~
Oculus EphemeralInscrutable ZealRubickmythicalshoulders25012-3
Staff of Inscrutable ZealInscrutable ZealRubickcommonweapon1511~
Scepter of the Grand Magusnon-set itemRubickrareweapon911~
Spellbinder's Forgotten GreatstaffThe Spellbinder's ShapeRubickcommonweapon1421~
Spellbinder's Tattered CloakThe Spellbinder's ShapeRubickrareback1631~
Spellbinder's Catalytic MantleThe Spellbinder's ShapeRubickuncommonshoulders1621~
Spellbinder's Mask of ShapingThe Spellbinder's ShapeRubickrarehead2021~
Crystalline Initionon-set itemRubickrareweapon1011~
Prestidigitator's WrapsPeculiar PrestidigitatorRubickrareback2731~
Prestidigitator's OculusPeculiar PrestidigitatorRubickuncommonhead2511~
Prestidigitator's ShinersPeculiar PrestidigitatorRubickcommonshoulders2911~
Prestidigitator's Source of SorceryPeculiar PrestidigitatorRubickmythicalweapon1511~
Tails of Resonant VibranceResonant Vibrance SetRubickmythicalback1601~
Hood of Resonant VibranceResonant Vibrance SetRubickmythicalhead2001~
Shawl of Resonant VibranceResonant Vibrance SetRubickmythicalshoulders1711~
Focus of Resonant VibranceResonant Vibrance SetRubickmythicalweapon1501~
Spell Devourernon-set itemRubickrareweapon1201~
Hood of the Cruel MagicianGarb of the Cruel MagicianRubickrarehead1211~
Robe of the Cruel MagicianGarb of the Cruel MagicianRubickuncommonback1011~
Mantle of the Cruel MagicianGarb of the Cruel MagicianRubickuncommonshoulders1121~
Staff of the Cruel MagicianGarb of the Cruel MagicianRubickmythicalweapon1231~
Eul's Scepter of the Magusnon-set itemRubickrareweapon801~
Genuine Eul's Scepter of the Magusnon-set itemRubickrareweapon001~
Wandering Harlequin's CapeWandering HarlequinRubickcommonback1321~
Wandering Harlequin's CrestWandering HarlequinRubickrarehead1411~
Wandering Harlequin's MantleWandering HarlequinRubickcommonshoulders1321~
Conceit of the Wandering HarlequinWandering HarlequinRubickmythicalweapon1521~
Councilor's Raiment Setnon-set itemRubickuncommonbundle111~
Councilor's Complete Raiment Setnon-set itemRubickrarebundle311~3.99$
The Inscrutable Zeal Setnon-set itemRubickmythicalbundle101~7.99$
The Spellbinder's Shape Setnon-set itemRubickrarebundle111~3.99$
Peculiar Prestidigitator Setnon-set itemRubickmythicalbundle211~3.99$
Resonant Vibrance Setnon-set itemRubickmythicalbundle211~7.99$
Garb of the Cruel Magician Setnon-set itemRubickmythicalbundle111~7.99$
Wandering Harlequin's Regalianon-set itemRubickmythicalbundle111~

Rubick item sets (7)


Any mage can cast a spell or two, and a few may even study long enough to become a wizard, but only the most talented are allowed to be recognized as a Magus. Yet as with any sorcerer's circle, a sense of community has never guaranteed competitive courtesy. Already a renowned duelist and scholar of the grander world of sorcery, it had never occurred to Rubick that he might perhaps be Magus material until he was in the midst of his seventh assassination attempt. As he casually tossed the twelfth of a string of would-be killers from a high balcony, it dawned on him how utterly unimaginative the attempts on his life had become. Where once the interruption of a fingersnap or firehand might have put a cheerful spring in his step, it had all become so very predictable. He craved greater competition. Therefore, donning his combat mask, he did what any wizard seeking to ascend the ranks would do: he announced his intention to kill a Magus. Rubick quickly discovered that to threaten one Magus is to threaten them all, and they fell upon him in force. Each antagonist's spell was an unstoppable torrent of energy, and every attack a calculated killing blow. But very soon something occurred that Rubick's foes found unexpected: their arts appeared to turn against them. Inside the magic maelstrom, Rubick chuckled, subtly reading and replicating the powers of one in order to cast it against another, sowing chaos among those who had allied against him. Accusations of betrayal began to fly, and soon the sorcerers turned one upon another without suspecting who was behind their undoing. When the battle finally drew to a close, all were singed and frozen, soaked and cut and pierced. More than one lay dead by an ally's craft. Rubick stood apart, sore but delighted in the week's festivities. None had the strength to argue when he presented his petition of assumption to the Hidden Council, and the Insubstantial Eleven agreed as one to grant him the title of Grand Magus.


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Echoes of eyrie - Vengeful spirit
Armor of the Unyielding Mask - Juggernaut
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