Rotten Stache

head, legendary
Rotten Stache
hero: Pudge

'Thought it was time to try me out a new look. What you think?'

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  • Rotten Stache screenshot
  • Rotten Stache screenshot
  • Rotten Stache screenshot

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comments (92134)

[H] 2xPA arcana lvl 3 + CM arcana unlocked
[W] this

2 days ago

3 days ago

[h] bundle Cyclopean Marauder giftable
[w] this

4 days ago

[H]27k [W] This

7 days ago

[h] dc hook [w] 2 stache and voidhammer or offer me with stache

7 days ago

[H] Real Money
[W] Stache
Prefer Bulk
Add me to discuss price!

7 days ago

H this 2
W clean Dragonclaw hook + $2 sweets

8 days ago

[h] rotten stache clean + Genuine Skadi
[w] Timbreaker
fast steam

8 days ago

[H] PayPal [W] TimeBreakers / Stache
$58 per timebreaker
$55 per stache

8 days ago

[H] 1 sf + lina / techie arcana or 2xsf y add sweets
[W] Stache clean

9 days ago

[h] this clean
[w] 2 sf
fast steam

12 days ago

H Fractal horns of inner abysm with Champion's Green 43$ in steam market and pa arcana not Exalted
W This

12 days ago

want 2 rotten stache
my dc hook for 2 rotten

12 days ago

[Have] weather pack =
[want] [molten claw] or [ barb of skadi] or [gravelmaw] or
[burning god pack] or [swift claw] or[ bloodfeather wings] or [blade of tears]
or [whale blade] or [whale hook]
add me or steam offer me directly

13 days ago

H DC hook
W this 2

14 days ago

(H) LAVA Baby Roshan
(W) THIS 8

15 days ago

Have Real money / Cash
Want good and rare Items
add me to steam i can pay first and to talk about your price
need many ty

16 days ago

[h] this clean
[w] 41k
70$ stache 1,7$ key
1,7$ * 41=69,7$ fair trade

17 days ago

(have) 1 clean DC HOOK
(want) 2 rotten staches

17 days ago
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