Like a slowly spreading plague, Necrolyte bides his time, sadistically anticipating the moment when his foes finally feel their demise for his horrible Reaper's Scythe.

Necrolyte items (31)

item / item setherorarityslotoff / wisrankkeysprice
Soul Reapernon-set itemNecrolyteuncommonweapon3911~
Scythe of Pestilencenon-set itemNecrolytemythicalweapon45211
Scythe of Twin DeathsRelics of the Putrid PontiffNecrolytemythicalweapon14511~
Reliquary of Rotting DoomRelics of the Putrid PontiffNecrolyteuncommonshoulders7391~
Pretiosa of PutrescenseRelics of the Putrid PontiffNecrolyteuncommonhead8161~
Beard of Weeping ScornRelics of the Putrid PontiffNecrolytecommonbody/head7941~
Direstone Liferippernon-set itemNecrolyterareweapon3821~
Raven Scythenon-set itemNecrolyterareweapon1801~
Laments of the Deadnon-set itemNecrolyterareweapon2611~
Vestments of the Ten Plagues BeardVestments of the Ten PlaguesNecrolytecommonbody/head22932~
Vestments of the Ten Plagues HelmVestments of the Ten PlaguesNecrolyterarehead27022~
Vestments of the Ten Plagues ShouldersVestments of the Ten PlaguesNecrolyterareshoulders31542~
Vestments of the Ten Plagues ScytheVestments of the Ten PlaguesNecrolyteuncommonweapon20764~
Immemorial Emperor's BeardImmemorial EmperorNecrolytecommonbody/head23811~
Immemorial Emperor's CoronetImmemorial EmperorNecrolyteuncommonhead20822~
Immemorial Emperor's MantleImmemorial EmperorNecrolyterareshoulders35401~
Immemorial Emperor's ScytheImmemorial EmperorNecrolyteuncommonweapon22732~
Moldering Mask of KaWrath of KaNecrolyterarebody/head177141~
Beard of the HereticRobes of the HereticNecrolyterarebody/head4821~
Hood of the HereticRobes of the HereticNecrolytecommonhead3771~
Scythe of the HereticRobes of the HereticNecrolyteuncommonweapon4041~
Mantle of the HereticRobes of the HereticNecrolytecommonshoulders3851~
Scythe of Plaguenon-set itemNecrolyterareweapon2101~
Shroud of KaWrath of KaNecrolytecommonhead175171~
Wings of KaWrath of KaNecrolytemythicalshoulders1822212~
Scythe of KaWrath of KaNecrolyterareweapon186179~
Relics of the Putrid Pontiff Setnon-set itemNecrolyterarebundle921~3.99$
Vestments of the Ten Plagues Setnon-set itemNecrolyterarebundle1111~3.99$
Immemorial Emperor Setnon-set itemNecrolyterarebundle811~3.99$
Robes of the Hereticnon-set itemNecrolyterarebundle1051~
Wrath of Kanon-set itemNecrolytemythicalbundle28211~8.99$

Necrolyte item sets (5)


In a time of great plague, an obscure monk of dark inclinations, one Rotund'jere, found himself promoted to the rank of Cardinal by the swift death of all his superiors. While others of the order went out to succor the ill, the newly ordained cardinal secluded himself within the Cathedral of Rumusque, busily scheming to acquire the property of dying nobles, promising them spiritual rewards if they signed over their terrestrial domains. As the plague receded to a few stubborn pockets, his behavior came to the attention of the greater order, which found him guilty of heresy and sentenced him to serve in the plague ward, ensorcelled with spells that would ensure him a slow and lingering illness. But they had not counted on his natural immunity. Rotund'jere caught the pox, but instead of dying, found it feeding his power, transforming him into a veritable plague-mage, a Pope of Pestilence. Proclaiming himself the Necrolyte, he travels the world, spreading plague wherever he goes, and growing in terrible power with every village his pestilential presence obliterates.


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