Mirana is a skilled huntress, hitting enemies with well timed Arrows and calling upon powerful Starstorms that strikes every opponent near her; capable of rendering her entire team invisible and escaping certain death.

Mirana items (70)

item / item setherorarityslotoff / wisrankkeysprice
Stryff the OwlionGarments of the Nightsilver SentinelMiranalegendarymount73915518~
Nightsilver BracersGarments of the Nightsilver SentinelMiranauncommonarms72310513~
Nightsilver QuiverGarments of the Nightsilver SentinelMiranauncommonmisc7708711~
Nightsilver RaimentsGarments of the Nightsilver SentinelMiranauncommonback7699912~
Nightsilver RegaliaGarments of the Nightsilver SentinelMiranauncommonshoulders7509612~
Nightsilver LocksGarments of the Nightsilver SentinelMiranararehead72113016~
Nightsilver BowGarments of the Nightsilver SentinelMiranarareweapon7899211~
Ormr the Lunar Dragonnon-set itemMiranamythicalmount2604114~
Bracers of the Moon RiderThe Moon RiderMiranacommonarms3385515~
Bow of the Moon RiderThe Moon RiderMiranarareweapon2216523~
Fluted Guard of the Moon RiderThe Moon RiderMiranauncommonshoulders2846419~
Lion Drape of the Moon RiderThe Moon RiderMiranauncommonback2566320~
Andalmere the LitigonThe Moon RiderMiranamythicalmount210155434-5
Tail of the Moon RiderThe Moon RiderMiranauncommonhead2925817~
Lion Quiver of the Moon RiderThe Moon RiderMiranauncommonmisc2895617~
Starlight ArmguardsStarlightMiranacommonarms957243~
Starlight DressStarlightMiranauncommonback675183~
Starlight BandStarlightMiranauncommonhead748163~
Starlight QuiverStarlightMiranacommonmisc1 054172~
Starlight FineryStarlightMiranacommonshoulders1 071152~
Starlight BowStarlightMiranauncommonweapon747213~
Bramblehornnon-set itemMiranararemount248208~
Braids of Moonshadownon-set itemMiranacommonhead2 42751~
Heavenly Guardian BracersGifts of the Heavenly GuardianMiranacommonarms3 401592~
Heavenly Guardian QuiverGifts of the Heavenly GuardianMiranauncommonmisc2 430743~
Heavenly Guardian SkirtGifts of the Heavenly GuardianMiranacommonback3 419482~
Heavenly Guardian CrestGifts of the Heavenly GuardianMiranacommonshoulders3 524532~
Heavenly Guardian BowGifts of the Heavenly GuardianMiranauncommonweapon2 388804~
Heavenly Guardian LocksGifts of the Heavenly GuardianMiranacommonhead3 599552~
Noctis the Heavenly Qilin GuardianGifts of the Heavenly GuardianMiranararemount1 800976~
Dawn of the Moon BowDawn of the MoonMiranacommonweapon35381~
Dawn of the Moon QuiverDawn of the MoonMiranacommonmisc35401~
Dawn of the Moon SkirtDawn of the MoonMiranacommonback37431~
Beast of the MoonDawn of the MoonMiranararemount32491~
Dawn of the Moon BracersDawn of the MoonMiranacommonarms33421~
Dawn of the Moon PauldronsDawn of the MoonMiranacommonshoulders31491~
Dawn of the Moon CrownDawn of the MoonMiranacommonhead27571~
Crescent SkirtCrescentMiranauncommonback3427118~
Crescent BowCrescentMiranamythicalweapon34060765~
Crescent BracersCrescentMiranacommonarms3248121~
Crescent StyleCrescentMiranauncommonhead3398020~
Crescent QuiverCrescentMiranacommonmisc3348621~
Crescent ShoulderCrescentMiranacommonshoulders3327720~
Nightsilver Gryphonnon-set itemMiranararemount524699~
MoonriftMoon RiftMiranararemount01291~
Moon Rift BracersMoon RiftMiranacommonarms1601~
Moon Rift StyleMoon RiftMiranararehead1981~
Moon Rift QuiverMoon RiftMiranacommonmisc1631~
Moon Rift PauldronsMoon RiftMiranacommonshoulders1631~
Moon Rift BowMoon RiftMiranauncommonweapon1721~
Moon Rift DrapeMoon RiftMiranauncommonback1611~
Sapphire Sabre-Lynxnon-set itemMiranamythicalmount8020072~
Snowstorm Skirt and ScarfSnowstorm HuntressMiranauncommonback27824648~
Snowstorm BowSnowstorm HuntressMiranacommonweapon28324747~
Snowstorm GlovesSnowstorm HuntressMiranacommonarms27925048~
Snowstorm QuiverSnowstorm HuntressMiranauncommonmisc28525648~
Jinky the LionSnowstorm HuntressMiranararemount28932053~
Snowstorm HoodSnowstorm HuntressMiranacommonhead28929251~
Snowstorm MantleSnowstorm HuntressMiranarareshoulders27827450~
Garments of the Nightsilver Sentinelnon-set itemMiranamythicalbundle161~7.99$
The Moon Rider Setnon-set itemMiranamythicalbundle121~7.99$
Starlight Setnon-set itemMiranararebundle411~3.99$
Gifts of the Heavenly Guardiannon-set itemMiranararebundle121~3.99$
Dawn of the Moonnon-set itemMiranararebundle031~3.99$
Crescentnon-set itemMiranamythicalbundle241~
Moon Riftnon-set itemMiranararebundle0151~
Promo Moon Riftnon-set itemMiranararebundle051~
Snowstorm Huntressnon-set itemMiranararebundle11231~

Mirana item sets (8)


Born to a royal family, a blood princess next in line for the Solar Throne, Mirana willingly surrendered any claim to mundane land or titles when she dedicated herself completely to the service of Selemene, Goddess of the Moon. Known ever since as Princess of the Moon, Mirana prowls the sacred Nightsilver Woods searching for any who would dare poach the sacred luminous lotus from the silvery pools of the Goddess's preserve. Riding on her enormous feline familiar, she is poised, proud and fearless, attuned to the phases of the moon and the wheeling of the greater constellations. Her bow, tipped with sharp shards of lunar ore, draws on the moon's power to charge its arrows of light.


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