Manifold Paradox

weapon, arcana
Manifold Paradox
hero: Phantom Assassin, created: 2 years ago

Weapon evolves by earning points. Before December 7th 2014, winning a match with any hero will earn you 3 points. After December 7th 2014, matches must be won using Phantom Assassin, and will earn you 1 point. Earning 40 points will upgrade the weapon to Level 2, and earning 100 points causes the weapon to reach its maximum evolution.
With a raspy cackle, the elder smith Craler swung the sword that his family had spent eleven generations to fold and forge. So sharp it was that, with a sound like tearing fabric, a rip in reality tore open. Through this rip, Craler recognized himself from moments before, holding aloft the very same coveted blade. Then, in a fit of greed and madness, he cut this earlier self down to seize the twin sword as his own. Too late, however, Craler felt a familiar wound, and was suddenly filled with the memory of being cut down himself...

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