The mighty Magnoceros charges into his foes, Skewering them upon his coveted horn before pulling them all into his reach with his feared Reverse Polarity, destroying enemy positioning.

Magnus items (20)

item / item setherorarityslotoff / wisrankkeysprice
Horn of Luminous Crystalnon-set itemMagnusraremisc417369~
Defender's BracersDefender of MatriarchMagnuscommonarms2606120~
Defender's ArmorDefender of MatriarchMagnusrarebelt2806620~
Defender's HelmetDefender of MatriarchMagnusuncommonhead2706520~
Defender's HornDefender of MatriarchMagnusuncommonmisc2685016~
Defender's ShankerDefender of MatriarchMagnuscommonweapon2536220~
Bracers the Engulfing SpikeThe Engulfing SpikeMagnusuncommonarms3256317~
Belt of the Engulfing SpikeThe Engulfing SpikeMagnuscommonbelt3236317~
Long Hair of the Engulfing SpikeThe Engulfing SpikeMagnusrarehead3177219~
Strength Horn of the Engulfing SpikeThe Engulfing SpikeMagnuscommonmisc3216217~
Polearm of the MagnoceriWar-Vestments of the MagnoceriMagnusrareweapon2264517~
Horn of the MagnoceriWar-Vestments of the MagnoceriMagnuscommonmisc2483212~
Mane of the MagnoceriWar-Vestments of the MagnoceriMagnusuncommonhead2323113~
Bracers of the MagnoceriWar-Vestments of the MagnoceriMagnuscommonarms2243514~
Belt of the MagnoceriWar-Vestments of the MagnoceriMagnusuncommonbelt2243113~
Spear of the Engulfing SpikeThe Engulfing SpikeMagnusuncommonweapon3207319~
Defender of Matriarchnon-set itemMagnusrarebundle531~
War-Vestments of the Magnocerinon-set itemMagnusrarebundle1911~
Promo War-Vestments of the Magnocerinon-set itemMagnusrarebundle021~
Engulfing Spikenon-set itemMagnusrarebundle3161~

Magnus item sets (3)


The master-smiths of Mt. Joerlak agree on only a single point: that the horn of a magnoceros is more precious than any alloy. And of all such horns, the largest and sharpest belongs to the beast they call Magnus. For half a generation, Magnus took easy sport goring hunters come to claim the treasures of his kin. Each time he would return to his cave with hooves and horns stained red, until his Matriarch urged him and all their kin to seek refuge to the north beyond the shadow of the mountain. But Magnus scoffed, having never failed to defend his people. The magnoceroi would stay, he decided, for a magnoceros does not believe in chance... nor does it ever change its mind. But when Mt. Joerlak erupted without warning, and half his kin perished in the fire and ash, Magnus changed his mind after all. The survivors pushed north, until they reached a blockade watched over by a hundred hunters armed with bow and steel. Magnus expected no less. He led his fiercest brothers and sisters in a charge against their enemies, and fought with a ferocity matched only by the fire-spewing mountain at his back. Meanwhile the magnoceros elders, mothers, and calves vanished into the drifts. The master-smiths are divided about what happened next. Some say Magnus reunited with his kin, while others claim he suffered mortal injuries and expired alongside the body of his Matriarch. Neither theory is correct. Magnus did vow to rejoin his kin...but only after seeking out those responsible for the eruption of Mt. Joerlak and watching them die upon his horn, for a magnoceros does not believe in chance.


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