Lone Druid

Lone Druid

An exile with a sacred purpose, Sylla fights alongside his trusted Spirit Bear, with the ability to morph into a powerful melee beast himself in order to destroy his foes.

Lone Druid items (18)

item / item setherorarityslotoff / wisrankkeysprice
Crescent Sickle of the Druidnon-set itemLone Druiduncommonweapon34293~
Poor Armor of the Druidnon-set itemLone Druiduncommonshoulders34293~
Cloak of the Dawnnon-set itemLone Druiduncommonback414154~
Shoulders of the Twelfth Daynon-set itemLone Druiduncommonshoulders458133~
Claw of the HaruspexTools of the HaruspexLone Druiduncommonarms5695710~
Cloak of the HaruspexTools of the HaruspexLone Druidcommonback811527~
Gilded Mark of the HaruspexTools of the HaruspexLone Druiduncommonshoulders625538~
Sacrificial Blade of the HaruspexTools of the HaruspexLone Druiduncommonweapon602458~
Spirit of Calmnon-set itemLone Druidmythicalsummon87620019~
Form of the Onyx Grovenon-set itemLone Druidmythicalultimate16537070~
Cauldron of Xahryxnon-set itemLone Druidimmortalweapon19732863~
Shoulder of the AtniwThe Atniw's FuryLone Druidcommonshoulders1 998292~
Robe of the AtniwThe Atniw's FuryLone Druidcommonback1 958212~
Cut of the AtniwThe Atniw's FuryLone Druiduncommonhead1 288524~
Hook of the AtniwThe Atniw's FuryLone Druidcommonweapon1 856292~
Braces of the AtniwThe Atniw's FuryLone Druidcommonarms1 827352~
Spirit of the AtniwThe Atniw's FuryLone Druidraresummon1 2264342-3
Form of the AtniwThe Atniw's FuryLone Druidmythicalultimate842124134-5

Lone Druid item sets (2)

Lone Druid

Long before the first words of the first histories there rose the druidic Bear Clan. Wise and just they were, and focused in their ways to seek an understanding of the natural order. The arch forces of nature saw this, and so sought the most learned among them. Wise old Sylla, clan justiciar and seer, stepped forward for his kin, and to him was given the Seed with these words: 'When all of the world has dimmed, when civilization has left these lands, when the world is slain and wracked by the endless deserts at the end of ages, plant the Seed.' As he grasped his trust, Sylla felt his years recede and his vitality returned. Vast knowledge burst into his mind. He found himself able to project his very will into reality and, with some concentration, alter his own physical form as well. Yet subtle whispers and cruel ears brought word of the Seed and its power to other peoples, and a terrible war crashed upon the Bear Clan. As his ancestral home burned, Sylla took his burden and fled to the wild places. Ages passed, and time and myth forgot the Bear Clan, forgot Sylla and the Seed, forgot wondrous civilizations that rose and fell in Bear Clan's wake. For millenia Sylla has waited, waited for word from his deities, waited for peace to come to the ever warring realms, waited in exile and in secret for the end of all things and for the conclusion of his sacred commitment, preparing himself always to face and destroy whatever would dare threaten his purpose.


Form of the onyx grove
Spirit of calm
Tools of the haruspex set
Cut of the atniw
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