Chilled to the core and bad to the bone, Lich summons waves of cold to damage enemies, create armors of ice, sacrifices his creeps for mana, and annihilates his opponents with Chain Frost.

Lich items (26)

item / item setherorarityslotoff / wisrankkeysprice
Dead Winter MantleDead WinterLichuncommonneck77151~
Dead Winter SoulDead WinterLichmythicalback15321~
Dead Winter SashDead WinterLichrarebelt61131~
Dead Winter GraspDead WinterLichcommonarms7481~
Bindings of Eldritch IceEldritch IceLichuncommonbelt7021~
Glacier of Eldritch IceEldritch IceLichuncommonback8151~
Mantle of Eldritch IceEldritch IceLichrareneck6171~
Bracers of Eldritch IceEldritch IceLichcommonarms6921~
Bracers of the Frozen StarFrozen StarLichcommonarms1601~
Statue of the Frozen StarFrozen StarLichmythicalback1821~
Bindings of the Frozen StarFrozen StarLichuncommonbelt1611~
Mantle of the Frozen StarFrozen StarLichrareneck1821~
Wraps of the Black PoolSorcerer of the Black PoolLichuncommonarms1331~
Belt of the Black PoolSorcerer of the Black PoolLichrarebelt1311~
Spikes of the Black PoolSorcerer of the Black PoolLichcommonback1411~
Frozen Emperor's Twin Dragon CapeFrozen EmperorLichuncommonback2931~
Frozen Emperor's Demon MaskFrozen EmperorLichrarehead3261~
Frozen Emperor's Guardian LionFrozen EmperorLichcommonneck2111~
Frozen Emperor's Cursed BeltFrozen EmperorLichcommonbelt2711~
Frozen Emperor's Runed BracersFrozen EmperorLichcommonarms2411~
Mantle of the Black PoolSorcerer of the Black PoolLichcommonneck1511~
Dead Winter Setnon-set itemLichrarebundle721~3.99$
Eldritch Ice Setnon-set itemLichrarebundle511~3.99$
Frozen Starnon-set itemLichmythicalbundle021~
Sorcerer of the Black Poolnon-set itemLichrarebundle6101~
Frozen Emperornon-set itemLichrarebundle611~

Lich item sets (5)


In life, the frost-mage Ethreain (not yet a Lich) had used the threat of destructive ice to enslave entire kingdoms. His subjects, aided by a few desperate magicians, eventually grew bold enough to ambush him. Armed with enough charmed rope to bind him forever, they tied the frost mage to adamant weights and dropped him in a pool known chiefly for being bottomless. It wasn't. He only fell for a year or so before an outcrop snagged him. There he rested, dead but undecaying, until the geomancer Anhil thought to verify the legend of the supposedly bottomless Black Pool. Anhil's plumbline snarled with the ropes that bound the drowned magician, and up he hauled an unexpected prize. Thinking that by rendering the dead undead, he could question the Lich about the properties of the pool, he removed the bindings and commenced a simple rite of resurrection. Even the descendants of Ethreain's enemies were long forgotten by time, so there were none to warn Anhil against imprudence. But he learned the error of his judgment almost immediately, as Lich threw off the shackles and consumed him.


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