The Captain and sole survivor of a doomed navy, Kunkka wields the legendary sword Tidebringer, capable of destroying enemy armies, manipulating huge Torrents and summoning the Ghost Ship of CoCo.

Kunkka items (82)

item / item setherorarityslotoff / wisrankkeysprice
Pegleg of the Cursed Piratenon-set itemKunkkacommonlegs254208~
Pride of the Crewnon-set itemKunkkacommonhead271146~
Royal Admiral's Bicornenon-set itemKunkkacommonhead31152~
Tricorne of the Drownednon-set itemKunkkacommonhead30073~
Wavecresternon-set itemKunkkacommonback302135~
Lucky Tooth Necklacenon-set itemKunkkacommonneck31394~
Captain's Hooknon-set itemKunkkacommongloves296279~
Gloves of the Admirable AdmiralThe Admirable AdmiralKunkkacommongloves33983~
Ceremonial RapierThe Admirable AdmiralKunkkacommonbelt374114~
Sword of the Seventy-Seven Seasnon-set itemKunkkauncommonweapon21074~
Grand Curls of the Admirable AdmiralThe Admirable AdmiralKunkkacommonhead36383~
Seafarer's ShoesThe Admirable AdmiralKunkkacommonlegs32673~
Sword of the Admirable AdmiralThe Admirable AdmiralKunkkacommonweapon31232~
Sash of the Crested CannoneerArtillery of the Crested CannoneerKunkkacommonbelt12191~
Finbladenon-set itemKunkkamythicalweapon119161~
Commodore's Kraken SlayerThe Commendable CommodoreKunkkarareweapon19495~
Commodore's BicorneThe Commendable CommodoreKunkkacommonhead26632~
Commodore's CurtainsThe Commendable CommodoreKunkkacommonshoulders27542~
Commodore's Puffy CuffsThe Commendable CommodoreKunkkacommongloves26542~
Commodore's FacingsThe Commendable CommodoreKunkkauncommonneck22184~
Commodore's GaitersThe Commendable CommodoreKunkkacommonlegs25153~
Commodore's SashThe Commendable CommodoreKunkkauncommonbelt19041~
Claddish Voyager's Second ChanceInstruments of the Claddish VoyagerKunkkacommonbelt72972~
Claddish Voyager's First ChanceInstruments of the Claddish VoyagerKunkkauncommonback507123~
Claddish Voyager's GlovesInstruments of the Claddish VoyagerKunkkacommongloves744122~
Claddish Voyager's HelmInstruments of the Claddish VoyagerKunkkararehead478123~
Claddish Voyager's TreadsInstruments of the Claddish VoyagerKunkkacommonlegs693102~
Claddish Voyager's ChestplateInstruments of the Claddish VoyagerKunkkacommonneck596123~
Claddish Voyager's Elegant PauldronInstruments of the Claddish VoyagerKunkkauncommonshoulders497113~
Claddish Voyager's True NorthInstruments of the Claddish VoyagerKunkkauncommonweapon527103~
Black Boots of the VoyagerThe Steadfast VoyagerKunkkacommonlegs57682~
Green Sleeves of the VoyagerThe Steadfast VoyagerKunkkacommongloves66072~
Ernest Do of the VoyagerThe Steadfast VoyagerKunkkararehead400287~
Button Down of the VoyagerThe Steadfast VoyagerKunkkacommonneck665112~
Firebreather of the VoyagerThe Steadfast VoyagerKunkkauncommonback482113~
Blue Stone Shoulder of the VoyagerThe Steadfast VoyagerKunkkauncommonshoulders51182~
Compass Edge of the VoyagerThe Steadfast VoyagerKunkkarareweapon418113~
Kunkka's Shadow Bladenon-set itemKunkkamythicalweapon9553085~
Old Ironsides Pauldronsnon-set itemKunkkacommonshoulders9291~
Old Ironsides Gauntletnon-set itemKunkkacommongloves5161~
Leviathan Whale Bladenon-set itemKunkkaimmortalweapon12044479~
BladeBiternon-set itemKunkkamythicalweapon75301~
Admiral's Prownon-set itemKunkkamythicalhead0491~
Tabard of the Crested CannoneerArtillery of the Crested CannoneerKunkkauncommonback12201~
CannonadeArtillery of the Crested CannoneerKunkkamythicalweapon16241~
Battery of the Crested CannoneerArtillery of the Crested CannoneerKunkkarareneck15211~
Plunder of the High Seasnon-set itemKunkkamythicalweapon100471~
Admiral's Foraged CapArmaments of LeviathanKunkkacommonhead1 186343~
Admiral's StashArmaments of LeviathanKunkkacommonbelt1 136424~
Claddish GauntletsArmaments of LeviathanKunkkauncommongloves719629~
Claddish GuardArmaments of LeviathanKunkkarareshoulders6698111~
Claddish HightopsArmaments of LeviathanKunkkauncommonlegs769648~
Neptunian SabreArmaments of LeviathanKunkkarareweapon877395~
Admiral's Salty ShawlArmaments of LeviathanKunkkacommonback1 138414~
Ye Olde PipeArmaments of LeviathanKunkkacommonneck1 147666~
Tsunami Bladenon-set itemKunkkarareweapon20364~
Sabatons of the Crested CannoneerArtillery of the Crested CannoneerKunkkacommonlegs14201~
Gloves of the Crested CannoneerArtillery of the Crested CannoneerKunkkacommongloves12191~
Plume of the Crested CannoneerArtillery of the Crested CannoneerKunkkauncommonhead13301~
Mantle of the Crested CannoneerArtillery of the Crested CannoneerKunkkauncommonshoulders15221~
Krakenbringernon-set itemKunkkarareweapon26271~
The Crow's NestThe Claddish RenegadeKunkkarareshoulders17391~
Patch of the RenegadeThe Claddish RenegadeKunkkacommonneck15281~
Peg Leg of the RenegadeThe Claddish RenegadeKunkkauncommonlegs14181~
Hook of the RenegadeThe Claddish RenegadeKunkkauncommongloves17141~
Cutlass of the RenegadeThe Claddish RenegadeKunkkacommonweapon1191~
Chest of the RenegadeThe Claddish RenegadeKunkkarareback14331~
Rigging Rope of the RenegadeThe Claddish RenegadeKunkkacommonbelt15101~
Bicorne of the RenegadeThe Claddish RenegadeKunkkacommonhead14161~
Hat of the Krakennon-set itemKunkkamythicalhead41011~
Boots of the Divine AnchorBestowments of the Divine AnchorKunkkamythicallegs31526346~
Collar of the Divine AnchorBestowments of the Divine AnchorKunkkauncommonback31526346~
Aged Spirit of Tidenon-set itemKunkkamythicalgloves92761~
Genuine Aged Spirit of Tidenon-set itemKunkkamythicalgloves0221~
Inverse Bayonetnon-set itemKunkkaimmortalweapon22122151~
Cuffs of the Divine AnchorBestowments of the Divine AnchorKunkkacommongloves31523744~
Cyclone Wave Smasher of the Divine AnchorBestowments of the Divine AnchorKunkkalegendaryweapon32037354~
Epaulets of the Divine AnchorBestowments of the Divine AnchorKunkkarareshoulders30925145~
Flintlock of the Divine AnchorBestowments of the Divine AnchorKunkkauncommonbelt31026046~
Medallion of the Divine AnchorBestowments of the Divine AnchorKunkkamythicalneck30827348~
Style of the Divine AnchorBestowments of the Divine AnchorKunkkauncommonhead32725645~
Expired Treasure of the Restless Seasnon-set itemKunkkacommoncrate3131~

Kunkka item sets (8)


As The Admiral of the mighty Claddish Navy, Kunkka was charged with protecting the isles of his homeland when the demons of the Cataract made a concerted grab at the lands of men. After years of small sorties, and increasingly bold and devastating attacks, the demon fleet flung all its carnivorous ships at the Trembling Isle. Desperate, the Suicide-Mages of Cladd committed their ultimate rite, summoning a host of ancestral spirits to protect the fleet. Against the demons, this was just barely enough to turn the tide. As Kunkka watched the demons take his ships down one by one, he had the satisfaction of wearing away their fleet with his ancestral magic. But at the battle's peak, something in the clash of demons, men and atavistic spirits must have stirred a fourth power that had been slumbering in the depths. The waves rose up in towering spouts around the few remaining ships, and Maelrawn the Tentacular appeared amid the fray. His tendrils wove among the ships, drawing demon and human craft together, churning the water and wind into a raging chaos. What happened in the crucible of that storm, none may truly say. The Cataract roars off into the void, deserted by its former denizens. Kunkka is now The Admiral of but one ship, a ghostly rig which endlessly replays the final seconds of its destruction. Whether he died in that crash is anyone's guess. Not even Tidehunter, who summoned Maelrawn, knows for sure.


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