Juggernaut attacks with a flurry of blades, spinning into enemies with Blade Fury and slicing his foes with a fierce Omnislash.

Juggernaut items (92)

item / item setherorarityslotoff / wisrankkeysprice
Three-Fold Mien of the Boar GodThe Boar God's HonorJuggernautcommonhead201~
Seven-Sealed the Fur BracerThe Boar God's HonorJuggernautcommonarms001~
Twelve-Tusks the Cape of BoarsThe Boar God's HonorJuggernautcommonback201~
Four-Fangs the SwordbreakerThe Boar God's HonorJuggernautcommonweapon011~
Taunt: For Death and Honornon-set itemJuggernautraretaunt111~
Defender of the Ivory IslesOf Ebony and IvoryJuggernautrareweapon101~
Visage of the Ivory IslesOf Ebony and IvoryJuggernautrarehead101~
Fireborn Odachinon-set itemJuggernautmythicalweapon221~
Stoic Mask of the High PlainsTraveler on the High PlainsJuggernautuncommonhead101~
Wolf Cape of the High PlainsTraveler on the High PlainsJuggernautuncommonback101~
Aspect Wraps of the High PlainsTraveler on the High PlainsJuggernautuncommonarms001~
Long-Fang the Grey BladeTraveler on the High PlainsJuggernautuncommonweapon001~
Grand Claive of the Unshamednon-set itemJuggernautcommonweapon011~
Kimono of the Ebony TowerOf Ebony and IvoryJuggernautuncommonback201~
Bracers of the Ebony TowerOf Ebony and IvoryJuggernautuncommonarms201~
Relic Blade of the Kuur-Ishiminarinon-set itemJuggernautcommonweapon101~
Kantusa the Script Swordnon-set itemJuggernautmythicalweapon021~
Omnishred the DefiantAspects of Beast and ManJuggernautcommonweapon001~
Healing Ward of the Kuur-Ishiminarinon-set itemJuggernautrare2nd ability201~
100-Proof JugAspects of Beast and ManJuggernautcommonback001~
Fine Bone BracersAspects of Beast and ManJuggernautcommonarms001~
Prey-Tracker's Aspect MaskAspects of Beast and ManJuggernautuncommonhead101~
Aspect Mask of Fulminant Ragenon-set itemJuggernautrarehead101~
Death Mask of the BraveThe DauntlessJuggernautuncommonhead001~
Elder Tusk of the BraveThe DauntlessJuggernautuncommonback101~
Bone Bracer of the BraveThe DauntlessJuggernautuncommonarms001~
No-Guard the Courageous EdgeThe DauntlessJuggernautuncommonweapon001~
Ancient Mask of Intimidationnon-set itemJuggernautrarehead201~
Carved Grin of the Tricksternon-set itemJuggernautuncommonhead001~
Mask of the Many-Sightednon-set itemJuggernautrarehead001~
Wraps of a Thousand FacesThousand FacesJuggernautcommonarms401~
Hakama of a Thousand FacesThousand FacesJuggernautrarelegs301~
Kataginu of a Thousand FacesThousand FacesJuggernautcommonback301~
Mask of a Thousand FacesThousand FacesJuggernautuncommonhead301~
Blade of Cleaving Swiftnessnon-set itemJuggernautuncommonweapon101~
Battle Banner of the Maskednon-set itemJuggernautrareback111~
Akakiryu of a Thousand FacesThousand FacesJuggernautuncommonweapon901~
Cursed Crescentnon-set itemJuggernautuncommonweapon001~
Taunt: Sharp Bladenon-set itemJuggernautmythicaltaunt511~
Dragon Swordnon-set itemJuggernautmythicalweapon111~
Armour of the Exiled RoninThe Exiled RoninJuggernautcommonlegs501~
Izokunon-set itemJuggernautrarehead101~
Sturdy Bracers of the Exiled RoninThe Exiled RoninJuggernautcommonarms401~
Fire of the Exiled RoninThe Exiled RoninJuggernautuncommonweapon201~
Burden of the Exiled RoninThe Exiled RoninJuggernautrarehead401~
Vestments of the Exiled RoninThe Exiled RoninJuggernautrareback111~
Faulds of the Gwimyeon WarriorArms of the Gwimyeon WarriorJuggernautuncommonlegs601~
GwimyeonArms of the Gwimyeon WarriorJuggernautrarehead511~
Juljae SwordArms of the Gwimyeon WarriorJuggernautcommonweapon511~
Pauldrons of the Gwimyeon WarriorArms of the Gwimyeon WarriorJuggernautuncommonback201~
Bracers of the Gwimyeon WarriorArms of the Gwimyeon WarriorJuggernautcommonarms501~
Elegant Strokenon-set itemJuggernautrareweapon201~
Healing Fount of the Lost Islesnon-set itemJuggernautrare2nd ability401~
Bracers of the Wandering DemonWandering Demon of the PlainsJuggernautcommonarms401~
Mask of the Wandering DemonWandering Demon of the PlainsJuggernautrarehead101~
Faulds of the Wandering DemonWandering Demon of the PlainsJuggernautcommonlegs211~
Blade of the Wandering DemonWandering Demon of the PlainsJuggernautuncommonweapon201~
Duangua of the Wandering DemonWandering Demon of the PlainsJuggernautuncommonback201~
Blade of the New Yearnon-set itemJuggernautrareweapon001~
Blade of Endless Powernon-set itemJuggernautrareweapon001~
Gifts of the Vanished Isle HeadGifts of the Vanished IsleJuggernautrarehead101~
Gifts of the Vanished Isle SwordGifts of the Vanished IsleJuggernautuncommonweapon001~
Gifts of the Vanished Isle LegsGifts of the Vanished IsleJuggernautcommonlegs001~
Gifts of the Vanished Isle ArmsGifts of the Vanished IsleJuggernautcommonarms001~
Gifts of the Vanished Isle BackGifts of the Vanished IsleJuggernautcommonback001~
Shoulders of the BladesrunnerBladesrunnerJuggernautcommonback411~
Belt of the BladesrunnerBladesrunnerJuggernautuncommonlegs311~
Mask of the BladesrunnerBladesrunnerJuggernautuncommonhead311~
Blade of the Jade Serpentnon-set itemJuggernautuncommonweapon001~
Gloves of the BladesrunnerBladesrunnerJuggernautcommonarms311~
Sword of the BladesrunnerBladesrunnerJuggernautrareweapon321~
Prayer Beads of the BladekeeperBalance of the BladekeeperJuggernautcommonarms711~
Blackened Edge of the BladekeeperBalance of the BladekeeperJuggernautlegendaryweapon961~
Arsenal of the BladekeeperBalance of the BladekeeperJuggernautuncommonback601~
Sigil Mask of the BladekeeperBalance of the BladekeeperJuggernautmythicalhead521~
Wargod of the BladekeeperBalance of the BladekeeperJuggernautrare2nd ability611~
Pantaloons of the BladekeeperBalance of the BladekeeperJuggernautcommonlegs701~
Expired Lost Treasure of the Ivory Islesnon-set itemJuggernautcommoncrate001~
Treasure of Championsnon-set itemJuggernautcommoncrate001~
Treasure of Challengersnon-set itemJuggernautcommoncrate001~
Of Ebony and Ivory Setnon-set itemJuggernautrarebundle001~
The Boar God's Honor Setnon-set itemJuggernautuncommonbundle001~
Aspects of Beast and Man Setnon-set itemJuggernautuncommonbundle001~
Traveler on the High Plains Setnon-set itemJuggernautrarebundle001~
The Dauntless Setnon-set itemJuggernautuncommonbundle001~
Thousand Faces Setnon-set itemJuggernautrarebundle001~3.99$
Arms of the Gwimyeon Warrior Setnon-set itemJuggernautrarebundle001~3.99$
The Exiled Ronin Setnon-set itemJuggernautrarebundle001~3.99$
Wandering Demon of the Plains Setnon-set itemJuggernautmythicalbundle001~7.99$
Gifts of the Vanished Isle Setnon-set itemJuggernautrarebundle001~
Bladesrunnernon-set itemJuggernautrarebundle111~
Balance of the Bladekeepernon-set itemJuggernautlegendarybundle051~10.99$

Juggernaut item sets (12)


No one has ever seen the face hidden beneath the mask of Yurnero the Juggernaut. It is only speculation that he even has one. For defying a corrupt lord, Yurnero was exiled from the ancient Isle of Masks--a punishment that saved his life. The isle soon after vanished beneath the waves in a night of vengeful magic. He alone remains to carry on the Isle's long Juggernaut tradition, one of ritual and swordplay. The last practitioner of the art, Yurnero's confidence and courage are the result of endless practice; his inventive bladework proves that he has never stopped challenging himself. Still, his motives are as unreadable as his expression. For a hero who has lost everything twice over, he fights as if victory is a foregone conclusion.


h exalted manifold paradox 3 stiles
w jugg arcana

5 days ago

h exalted jugger arcana 40 kills
w offers
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8 days ago

(H) LC Arcana w/ gem
(W) full Jugg arcana

13 days ago

Have Inscribed Demon Eater + Rapier of the Burning God
Want Jugg arcana
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19 days ago

(W) Armor of the Unyielding Mask
(H) offer\paypal

21 days ago

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— Set — Price in: CS GO KEYs
(Pudge)Doomsday Ripper: 14
(Very rare curier)Atrophic Skitterwing: 2
(PA)Creeping Shadow: 5
(Zeus)Wartorn Heavens: 3
(Sven)Stormwrought Arbiter: 4
(SF)Diabolical Fiend: 3
(CK)Oni Knight the Dark Conqueror: 1
(Tinker)Fortified Fabricator: 2
(Winter Wyvern)Iceburnt Elegy: 2
(Bane)Heir of Terror: 1
(Und)Dirgeful Overlord: 2
(Luna)Nightsilver's Resolve: 2
(Arc Warden)Fractured Envoy: 2
(Magnus) Rising Glory: 1
(Meepo)The Family Values Bundle: 3
Also 2 last sets of CC15 with unique skills animations and icons
(Tusk)Brawler of the Glacier Sea: 10
(Sky Wrath)Beacon of Cerulean Light: 4

5 months ago

W Pilgrimage of the Bladeform Aesthete
H my inventory

5 months ago

[H] Timebreaker, Battlefury
[W] Armor of the Unyielding Mask, Echoes of the Eyrie
1:2 Will not be trading first

7 months ago

(H) new 2016 immortal
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[H] - Paypal
[W] - Armor of the Unyielding Mask bundle

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[H] Almond (Red style)
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H ti16 Mythical Set Stormwrought Arbiter, The Family Values Bundle, Fractured Envoy, Iceburnt Elegy
w ti16 Mythical Set Undying and the rest..
you give the first..

10 months ago

[H] Almond (Red style)
[W] Item 4$

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[W] Armor of the unyielding mask
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