Item sets

Crystal Maiden item setsCrystal MaidenRegalia of the Crystalline Queen, Winter Snowdrop, Frostiron Sorcess, Heart of the North, Glacial Duster Set, Frozen Feather, Ensemble of the Crystalline Comet
Dark Seer item setsDark SeerThe Aqwanderer, The Seers Command, Gombangdae Dosa, Imperial Relics
Dazzle item setsDazzleAncestral Trappings, Ritual Garb of the Father Spirits, Yuwipi, Shadow Flame
Death Prophet item setsDeath ProphetThe Corpse Maiden, The Bone Scryer, Gifts from the Gloom, Augur's Curse, Regalia of the Mortal Coil, Witch of the Outlands, Foreteller's Robes, The Mourning Mother, Ghastly Matriarch
Disruptor item setsDisruptorRider of the Storm, Rage of the Three, Tempest's Wrath, Warrior of the Stormlands, Static Lord
Doom item setsDoomThe Burden of Eleven Curses, Apocalyptic Fire, Impending Transgressions, Crown of Hells, Incantations of Hell, Eternal Fire
Dragon Knight item setsDragon KnightUldorak's Hide, Armor of Sir Davion, Bones of the Slain Dragon, Fire-Blessed Mail of the Drake, Enchanted Plate of the Crimson Wyvern, Fire Tribunal, The Blazing Superiority, Dragon's Ascension, Fire Dragon of Doom
Drow Ranger item setsDrow RangerSpikes of Frost, Sylvan Guard's Finery, The Boreal Watch, Jewel of the Forest, Gifts of the Shadowcat, Death Shadow, Sentinel, Tools of the Master Thief, Black Wind Raven, Eldwurm's Touch
Earth spirit item setsEarth spiritStrength of the Demon Stone, Vanquishing Demons General, Bedrock Serenity
Earthshaker item setsEarthshakerStoneshard Majesty, Forest Hermit, Golden Reel Guardian, Guardian of the Red Mountain, Bindings of Deep Magma, Samurai Soul
Elder Titan item setsElder TitanWorldforger, The World Splitter
Ember spirit item setsEmber spiritFlames of Prosperity, Mentor of the High Plains, Blaze Armor
Enchantress item setsEnchantressBlessings of the Wildkin, Aspects of Summer, Araceae's Tribute, Amberlight
Faceless Void item setsFaceless VoidChronite Defense, The Dials of Claszureme, Acolyte of Clasz, Viridi Inanitas, The Tentacular Timelord, Ancient Cultist
Nature's Prophet item setsNature's ProphetScion of the Savage, Garments of the Peace-Bringer, The Regal Forest Lord, Master of Beast and Bole, Heartwood Vanguard, Woodland Outcast, Bird's Stone, Fungal Lord, Sovereign of the Woodlands, Guardian of the Eternal Seasons, Primeval Prophet, Father of the Forest
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