Glacial Commander

Glacial Commander item set
This bundle contains all of the items in the 'Glacial Commander' set for Tusk plus a loading screen

item set (6)

item / item setherorarityslotoff / wisrankkeysprice
Glacial Commander SicklesGlacial CommanderTuskrareneck001~
Glacial Commander VestGlacial CommanderTuskcommonshoulders001~
Glacial Commander HammerGlacial CommanderTuskcommonweapon001~
Glacial Commander PapakhaGlacial CommanderTuskuncommonhead001~
Glacial Commander BannersGlacial CommanderTuskuncommonback001~
Glacial Commander FistGlacial CommanderTuskcommonarms001~


have tb arcana with gold gem(in market Prismatic: Gold - $49.80 USD)+ corrupted,+autograf tb in market -28$ =78$ -% =65-70$
want good offer, or 3 arcana or 3-4 items 15-20$ or keys

1 year ago

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Have Rares

1 year ago


1 year ago