Death Prophet

Death Prophet

The Death Prophet spreads supernatural terror wherever she goes, surrounded by ghosts of lives past and voracious bats who claw at the souls and flesh of the living, chasing them to their demise.

Death Prophet items (46)

item / item setherorarityslotoff / wisrankkeysprice
Dress of the Corpse MaidenThe Corpse MaidenDeath Prophetrarelegs23695~
Wicked Collar of the Corpse MaidenThe Corpse MaidenDeath Prophetuncommonarmor1893015~
Ghastly Scarf of the Corpse MaidenThe Corpse MaidenDeath Prophetcommonbelt308114~
Horns of the Bone ScryerThe Bone ScryerDeath Prophetrarehead16581~
Funereal Dress of the Bone ScryerThe Bone ScryerDeath Prophetuncommonlegs24753~
Scarf of the Bone ScryerThe Bone ScryerDeath Prophetcommonbelt27963~
Sash of Death's Bridenon-set itemDeath Prophetuncommonlegs24232~
Brooch of Death's Bridenon-set itemDeath Prophetrarehead17061~
Decorative Armor of the Bone ScryerThe Bone ScryerDeath Prophetcommonarmor32542~
Crown of the Death Priestessnon-set itemDeath Prophetmythicalhead97771~
Armor from the GloomGifts from the GloomDeath Prophetuncommonarmor918183~
Belts from the GloomGifts from the GloomDeath Prophetcommonbelt1 097243~
Wights from the GloomGifts from the GloomDeath Prophetmythicalultimate33612628~
Dress from the GloomGifts from the GloomDeath Prophetcommonlegs1 219162~
Blindfold from the GloomGifts from the GloomDeath Prophetrarehead3608720~
Augur's ArmorAugur's CurseDeath Prophetuncommonarmor1 072152~
Augur's BeltAugur's CurseDeath Prophetcommonbelt1 40491~
Augur's HairAugur's CurseDeath Prophetuncommonhead1 10261~
Augur's SkirtAugur's CurseDeath Prophetcommonlegs1 58761~
Augur's GhostsAugur's CurseDeath Prophetrareultimate1 15151~
Corset of the Mortal CoilRegalia of the Mortal CoilDeath Prophetrarearmor1 34981~
Gown of the Mortal CoilRegalia of the Mortal CoilDeath Prophetuncommonlegs1 175162~
Cinch of the Mortal CoilRegalia of the Mortal CoilDeath Prophetcommonbelt1 835131~
Besieging Bownon-set itemDeath Prophetrarehead3291~
Coronet of the Mortal CoilRegalia of the Mortal CoilDeath Prophetrarehead1 392172~
Outland Witch's HornsWitch of the OutlandsDeath Prophetrarehead1 345121~
Outland Witch's NecklaceWitch of the OutlandsDeath Prophetuncommonarmor1 134132~
Outland Witch's HemWitch of the OutlandsDeath Prophetuncommonlegs1 180122~
Outland Witch's SashWitch of the OutlandsDeath Prophetcommonbelt1 611141~
Outland Witch's TattersWitch of the OutlandsDeath Prophetcommonmisc6318675~
Outland Witch's SpiritsWitch of the OutlandsDeath Prophetuncommonultimate1 039152~
Beautiful Hauntingnon-set itemDeath Prophetrareultimate1 17131~
Foreteller's GarmentForeteller's RobesDeath Prophetcommonbelt1 69411~
Foreteller's DrapesForeteller's RobesDeath Prophetcommonarmor1 79041~
Foreteller's HaircombForeteller's RobesDeath Prophetuncommonhead1 134112~
Foreteller's AdornForeteller's RobesDeath Prophetrarelegs1 33731~
Soothsayer's Spectral Strandsnon-set itemDeath Prophetrarehead1762714~
Style of Prophecynon-set itemDeath Prophetrarehead1691~
Fluttering Mortisnon-set itemDeath Prophetimmortallegs1 45814810~
Genuine Heretic Enclavenon-set itemDeath Prophetrareultimate041~
Heretic Enclavenon-set itemDeath Prophetrareultimate176171~
Mourning Mother's DressThe Mourning MotherDeath Prophetcommonlegs93181~
Mourning Mother's TopThe Mourning MotherDeath Prophetuncommonarmor90231~
Mourning Mother's VeilThe Mourning MotherDeath Prophetcommonhead81321~
Mourning Mother's ScarfThe Mourning MotherDeath Prophetcommonbelt85321~
Spirits of the Mourning MotherThe Mourning MotherDeath Prophetrareultimate82361~

Death Prophet item sets (8)

Death Prophet

Krobelus was a Death Prophet-which is one way of saying she told fortunes for the wealthiest of those who wished to look beyond the veil. But after years of inquiring on behalf of others, she began to seek clues on her own fate. When death refused to yield its secrets, she tried to buy them with her life. But the ultimate price proved insufficient. Death disgorged her again and again, always holding back its deepest mysteries. Her jealousy grew. Others could die for eternity--why not she? Why must she alone be cast back on the shores of life with such tiresome regularity? Why was she not worthy of the one thing all other living creatures took for granted? Still, she would not be discouraged. Each time she returned from the grave, she brought a bit of death back with her. Wraiths followed her like fragments of her shattered soul; her blood grew thin and ectoplasmic; the feasting creatures of twilight took her for their kin.. She gave a little of her life with every demise, and it began to seem as if her end was in sight. With her dedication to death redoubled, and no client other than herself, Krobelus threw herself ever more fervently into death's abyss, intent on fulfilling the one prophecy that eluded her: That someday the Death Prophet would return from death no more.


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Ensemble of the crystalline comet set
Dragons ascension set
Mentor of the high plains set
Everlasting heat set
Artisan of havoc set
Mystic instruments of tang ki set
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Form of the great calamity
Ahmhedoq the maw
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