The symbol of faith, Chen uses his magic to test any infidels, convert animals to aid his cause, and give his allies a healing hand from anywhere.

Chen items (27)

item / item setherorarityslotoff / wisrankkeysprice
Buttercupnon-set itemChenmythicalmount50612
Buttercup's Bardingnon-set itemChenmythicalarmor57411
Armguards of the Penitent NomadArms of the Penitent NomadChencommonarms25832~
Shoulderguards of the Penitent NomadArms of the Penitent NomadChencommonshoulders27332~
Turban of the Penitent NomadArms of the Penitent NomadChenrarehead20422~
Locuthi Barding of the Penitent NomadArms of the Penitent NomadChenuncommonarmor26432~
Commanding Rod of the Penitent NomadArms of the Penitent NomadChenuncommonweapon24111~
Sanurok the Ever AbleGemmed Armor of the Priest KingsChenmythicalmount1551311-2
Gemmed Pauldrons of the Priest KingsGemmed Armor of the Priest KingsChencommonshoulders39631~
Thrice-Gemmed Barding of SanurokGemmed Armor of the Priest KingsChenrarearmor22543~
Gemmed Mitre of the Priest KingsGemmed Armor of the Priest KingsChenrarehead23032~
Gemmed Bracers of the Priest KingsGemmed Armor of the Priest KingsChencommonarms35311~
Scarab Pendant of the Priest KingsGemmed Armor of the Priest KingsChencommonmisc35542~
Ruling Staff of the Priest KingsGemmed Armor of the Priest KingsChenuncommonweapon28242~
Wings of Obelis Mount ArmorWings of ObelisChencommonarmor2 02761~
Wings of Obelis ArmsWings of ObelisChencommonarms1 96971~
Wings of Obelis HelmetWings of ObelisChenuncommonhead1 247202~
Wings of Obelis MountWings of ObelisChenraremount1 417142~
Wings of Obelis ShouldersWings of ObelisChenuncommonshoulders1 185162~
Wings of Obelis StaffWings of ObelisChencommonweapon1 991141~
Desert Gale ArmorThe Desert GaleChenuncommonarmor1 38731~
Desert Gale ArmsThe Desert GaleChencommonarms2 04241~
Desert Gale HelmetThe Desert GaleChenuncommonhead1 38841~
Desert Gale MoustacheThe Desert GaleChenuncommonmisc1 296142~
Desert Gale Shoulder PlateThe Desert GaleChencommonshoulders2 05521~
Desert Gale FouchardThe Desert GaleChenrareweapon1 45761~
Square Sky Staffnon-set itemChenrareweapon3271~

Chen item sets (4)


Born in the godless Hazhadal Barrens, Chen came of age among the outlaw tribes who eked out an existence in the shimmering heat of the desert. Using an ancient form of animal enthrallment, Chen's people husbanded the hardy desert locuthi, a stunted species of burrowing dragon that melted desert sands into tubes of glass where twice-a-year rains collected. Always on the edge of starvation and thirst, fighting amongst their neighbors and each other, Chen's clan made the mistake, one fateful day, of ambushing the wrong caravan. In the vicious battle that followed, Chen's clan was outmatched. The armored Knights of the Fold made short work of the enthralled locuthi, who attacked and died in waves. With their dragons dead, the tribesmen followed. Chen struggled, and slashed, and clawed, and perished-or would have. Defeated, on his knees, he faced his execution with humility, offering his neck to the blade. Moved by Chen's obvious courage, the executioner halted his sword. Instead of the blade, Chen was given a choice: death or conversion. Chen took to the faith with a ferocity. He joined the Fold and earned his armor one bloody conversion at a time. Now, with the fanaticism of a convert, and with his powers of animal enthrallment at their peak, he seeks out unbelievers and introduces them to their final reward.


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