Chaos Knight

Chaos Knight

The knight of chance, Chaos Knight sows disarray upon his enemies with his Reality Rift and Chaos Bolt before summoning powerful Phantasms of himself to aid him in battle.

Chaos Knight items (58)

item / item setherorarityslotoff / wisrankkeysprice
End of Ordernon-set itemChaos Knightrarehead501~
Blade of Chaos Incarnatenon-set itemChaos Knightrareweapon501~
Blade of the Black Ridernon-set itemChaos Knightrareweapon201~
Dark Ruin HelmDark Ruin SetChaos Knightuncommonhead501~
HellstriderDark Ruin SetChaos Knightmythicalmount5014-5
Dark Ruin GazeDark Ruin SetChaos Knightuncommonoffhand801~
Dark Ruin MantleDark Ruin SetChaos Knightcommonshoulders701~
Dark Ruin CrusherDark Ruin SetChaos Knightrareweapon601~
Chaos Knight's Armlet of Mordiggiannon-set itemChaos Knightmythicaloffhand101~
Entropic HelmetEntropic Battlegear of the WarriderChaos Knightmythicalhead00112-13
Helm of Infernal Despairnon-set itemChaos Knightmythicalhead2011
AtaxiaEmbers of EntropyChaos Knightraremount701~
Blade of Endless HavocEmbers of EntropyChaos Knightuncommonweapon401~
Helmet of Endless HavocEmbers of EntropyChaos Knightrarehead801~
Shield of Endless HavocEmbers of EntropyChaos Knightuncommonoffhand501~
Mantle of Endless HavocEmbers of EntropyChaos Knightcommonshoulders401~
Entropic AxeEntropic Battlegear of the WarriderChaos Knightmythicalweapon001~
Entropic ShieldEntropic Battlegear of the WarriderChaos Knightmythicaloffhand001~
Entropic ShoulderpadsEntropic Battlegear of the WarriderChaos Knightmythicalshoulders101~
Shadow Brandnon-set itemChaos Knightrareweapon101~
Blade of Burning TurmoilArms of Burning TurmoilChaos Knightcommonweapon101~
Horns of Burning TurmoilArms of Burning TurmoilChaos Knightuncommonhead301~
EnmityArms of Burning TurmoilChaos Knightmythicalmount301~
Shield of Burning TurmoilArms of Burning TurmoilChaos Knightcommonoffhand201~
Mantle of Burning TurmoilArms of Burning TurmoilChaos Knightcommonshoulders201~
Hellfire Edgenon-set itemChaos Knightrareweapon101~
Atramentos the Apocalypticnon-set itemChaos Knightmythicalmount201~
Waraxe of Lost Lightnon-set itemChaos Knightrareweapon101~
Bone SplitterRising ChaosChaos Knightuncommonweapon201~
Caged FuryRising ChaosChaos Knightuncommonhead201~
Hellish Maw SpauldersRising ChaosChaos Knightcommonshoulders301~
RaptureRising ChaosChaos Knightraremount201~
Shield of Screaming SoulsRising ChaosChaos Knightcommonoffhand301~
Chaos Legion MountChaos LegionChaos Knightmythicalmount001~
Chaos Legion DrapesChaos LegionChaos Knightcommonshoulders001~
Chaos Legion HelmChaos LegionChaos Knightcommonhead001~
Chaos Legion ShieldChaos LegionChaos Knightcommonoffhand001~
Chaos Legion WeaponChaos LegionChaos Knightrareweapon001~
Shield of the Chaos Houndnon-set itemChaos Knightuncommonoffhand001~
Axe of the Chaos Houndnon-set itemChaos Knightuncommonweapon001~
Pauldrons of the Chaos Houndnon-set itemChaos Knightcommonshoulders001~
Kerveros the Hound of Chaosnon-set itemChaos Knightraremount301~
Helm of the Chaos Houndnon-set itemChaos Knightcommonhead001~
Infernal Shreddernon-set itemChaos Knightrareweapon211~
Catastrophenon-set itemChaos Knightraremount001~
Helm of DiscordChampion of DiscordChaos Knightuncommonhead701~
DiscordiaChampion of DiscordChaos Knightraremount901~
Armlet of DiscordChampion of DiscordChaos Knightuncommonoffhand901~
Pauldrons of DiscordChampion of DiscordChaos Knightcommonshoulders801~
Blade of DiscordChampion of DiscordChaos Knightcommonweapon901~
Dark Ruin Setnon-set itemChaos Knightrarebundle001~3.99$
Embers of Endless Havoc Setnon-set itemChaos Knightrarebundle301~3.99$
Entropic Battlegear of the Warrider Setnon-set itemChaos Knightmythicalbundle101~
Arms of Burning Turmoil Setnon-set itemChaos Knightmythicalbundle001~7.99$
Rising Chaosnon-set itemChaos Knightrarebundle301~
Chaos Legion Setnon-set itemChaos Knightmythicalbundle001~
The Hounds of Chaosnon-set itemChaos Knightrarebundle001~
Champion of Discordnon-set itemChaos Knightrarebundle211~

Chaos Knight item sets (7)

Chaos Knight

The veteran of countless battles on a thousand worlds, Chaos Knight hails from a far upstream plane where the fundamental laws of the universe have found sentient expression. Of all the ancient Fundamentals, he is the oldest and most tireless, endlessly searching out a being he knows only as "The Light." Long ago the Light ventured out from the progenitor realm, in defiance of the first covenant. Now Chaos Knight shifts from plane to plane, always on the hunt to extinguish the Light wherever he finds it. A thousand times he has snuffed out the source, and always he slides into another plane to continue his search anew. Upon his steed Armageddon he rides, wading into battle with maniacal frenzy, drawing strength from the disorder of the universe. A physical manifestation of chaos itself, in times of need he calls upon other versions of himself from other planes, and together these dark horsemen ride into battle, as unstoppable as any force of nature. Only when the last Light of the world is scoured from existence will the search be ended. Where rides the Chaos Knight, death soon follows.


[H] Oni Knight the Dark Conqueror
[W] Good offers {send on Steam im often online!} (no garbage items)
I have also: -very rare Tusk and SkyWrath sets from TI 15 with unique skills animations and custom icons. -all TI 16 sets [Sven, SF, Meepo, Magnus, Zeus, WinterVyv, Pa, Ck, Tinker, Bane, ArcWarden, Undying] with rare curier and VERY RARE PUDGE set.

15 days ago

[H] Stormwrought Arbiter
[H] Creeping Shadow
[H] Wartorn Heavens
[H] Diabolical Fiend
[H] The Family Values Bundle
[H] Nightsilver's Resolve
[H] Fractured Envoy
[H] Fortified Fabricator
[H] Iceburnt Elegy
[H] Rising Glory
[H] Dirgeful Overlord
[H] Oni Knight the Dark Conqueror
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[W] Flowersong Tempest - even opened!

1 month ago

[H] Chaos Knight - Oni Knight the Dark Conqueror
from The International 2016 Collector's Cache
(W) good offer

2 months ago

[H] Meepo - The Family Values Bundle
[H] Chaos Knight - Oni Knight the Dark Conqueror
from The International 2016 Collector's Cache
[W] SF - Diabolical Fiend
[W] Sven - Stormwrought Arbiter
[W] Zeus - Wartorn Heavens
[W] Undying - Dirgeful Overlord

3 months ago

H ti16 Mythical Set Stormwrought Arbiter, The Family Values Bundle, Fractured Envoy, Iceburnt Elegy
w ti16 Mythical Set Undying and the rest..
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4 months ago

[H] CK 2016 set
[W] Tinker 2016 set

4 months ago

[H] Zeus Set
[W] Other Sets or Offer

4 months ago

[H] sven / ck from ti2016 collector's cache
[W] undying / bane / tinker

4 months ago

[H] Zeus Set
[W] Other Sets or Offer

4 months ago

[H] Rising Chaos
[W] ES set or PL set

9 months ago

[W] Invoker Immortal
[H] Chaos Knight Full Mythical set [Dark Ruin]
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11 months ago

W Beast master "CHIMERA'S RAGE"

12 months ago
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1 year ago

(H) Sniper - Keen Machine
Timbersaw - Incribed Steam Chopper
(W) Chaos Knight - Charge of the Baleful Reign
Tradeble items

1 year ago

[h] ti5 immortals
[w] offers

1 year ago
Frozen Atramentos the Apocalyptic
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1 year ago

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1 year ago

H SF IMMORTAL Zeus, Night Stalker,Enigma,GoldenGyrocopter
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1 year ago

[H] 1 rr
[W] 3com or 3unc

1 year ago
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