Arms of the Bladebreaker Order

Arms of the Bladebreaker Order item set
Includes all of the items in the 'Arms of the Bladebreaker Order' set for Riki

item set (6)

item / item setherorarityslotoff / wisrankkeysprice
Bladebreaker ArmguardsArms of the Bladebreaker OrderRikicommonarms2 245302~
Bladebreaker HoodArms of the Bladebreaker OrderRikirarehead26425750~
Bladebreaker Dagger - Off-HandArms of the Bladebreaker OrderRikiuncommonoffhand4746112~
Bladebreaker SpauldersArms of the Bladebreaker OrderRikiuncommonshoulders33913329~
Bladebreaker BrushArms of the Bladebreaker OrderRikiraretail1 402524~
Bladebreaker DaggerArms of the Bladebreaker OrderRikiuncommonweapon4956512~


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Of ebony and ivory set = 4r
Emerald frenzy set = 4r
Wings of obelis set = 4r
Highborn reckoning set = 5r
The forsaken beauty set + 2rr = 1k
The ol chopper set + 2rr = 1k
Fireborn odachi with kinetic = 4k or 40r
Redmoon assassinators secret set = 3r
Flight of the valkyrie set = 5r
Anointed armor of ruination set = 5r
The burden of eleven curses set = 6r
The exiled ronin set + Healing fount of the lost isles = 1k
The second disciple set = 4r
The mage slayer set + 2rr = 1k
The clergy ascetic set = 4r
Acolyte of clasz set + 2rr = 1k
Arms of the bladebreaker order set = 1k
Gifts of the heavenly guardian set + loading screen = 2k
Spirit of the howling wolf set = 1k
Corrupted, full mod and gem Sermon of the frozen apostle set + Mace of the chosen = 13k
Chronite defense set = 6r

[H] 9 rares from page 8
[H] 5 rares from page 1 2 3
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