Arms of the Bladebreaker Order

Arms of the Bladebreaker Order item set
Includes all of the items in the 'Arms of the Bladebreaker Order' set for Riki

item set (6)

item / item setherorarityslotoff / wisrankkeysprice
Bladebreaker ArmguardsArms of the Bladebreaker OrderRikicommonarms2 104262~
Bladebreaker HoodArms of the Bladebreaker OrderRikirarehead27021345~
Bladebreaker Dagger - Off-HandArms of the Bladebreaker OrderRikiuncommonoffhand4735110~
Bladebreaker SpauldersArms of the Bladebreaker OrderRikiuncommonshoulders33711426~
Bladebreaker BrushArms of the Bladebreaker OrderRikiraretail1 300393~
Bladebreaker DaggerArms of the Bladebreaker OrderRikiuncommonweapon491459~


(HAVE)This set norm 2 gem (Kills: 1020, Kill Assists: 599)
(WANT)3 key

13 minutes ago

[H] Starlight set
[W] this set normal

14 minutes ago

H this set
W 1 k

35 minutes ago

[h] Mnemonus arcanus set + Inscribed gem (victory gem)
[w] this
add me if interested

57 minutes ago

H this
w 1 key
add for fast trade

58 minutes ago

H 5rr

2 hours ago

w this...
hv set shadow cat / cm frozen feather with gem in cape.....
add me if wann swap

4 hours ago

H 5rr

4 hours ago

[H] 1k
[W] this set + 2 set rares
add me fast trade

7 hours ago

[H] This + 1rr
[W] 1 key

8 hours ago
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