Apocalyptic Fire

Apocalyptic Fire item set
He that burns and is not consumed carries with him all the armaments of the Apocalypse. This bundle contains all of the items in the 'Apocalyptic Fire' set for Doom

item set (7)

item / item setherorarityslotoff / wisrankkeysprice
Steel Wings of Apocalyptic FireApocalyptic FireDoomrareback8681~
Runed Bracers of Apocalyptic FireApocalyptic FireDoomcommonarms9831~
Demonhide Girdle of Apocalyptic FireApocalyptic FireDoomcommonbelt12321~
Steel Horns of Apocalyptic FireApocalyptic FireDoomuncommonhead11221~
Infernal Pauldrons of Apocalyptic FireApocalyptic FireDoomcommonshoulders11051~
Demon Blade of Apocalyptic FireApocalyptic FireDoomcommonweapon12111~
Tail Plates of Apocalyptic FireApocalyptic FireDoomuncommontail10431~


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